EVault Ebook: Trusted Data Assurance in the Cloud

Cloud-based services are here to stay. Cloud services are even more attractive for companies who are being hit with the high cost of meeting compliance requirements - especially for small and mid-size companies that have shrinking or no information security budget.

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In Trusted Data Assurance in the Cloud, author and information security expert Felix Santos offers business executives and IT technology experts valuable advice and recommendations about how to prepare your company for cloud adoption. Santos discusses:

  • Information security and data protection in the cloud
  • Recent cloud standards and audit initiatives
  • Evaluation criteria for selecting a cloud provider that offers trusted data assurance to customers

About the Author:
Felix A. Santos, CISA, CISM is responsible for information security and compliance for EVault and EVault worldwide data centers. In this role, Felix oversees all facets of IT governance including information security programs, policy enforcement, and data center security audits and compliance. Felix has direct reporting responsibility to the president and general manager of EVault, and security reporting responsibility to the chief information security officer (CISO) at Seagate Technology.

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