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Laptop Backup Test Flight: 30-Day Free Trial

Did you know that every week, over 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen—in US airports alone? Analysts estimate the average value of data on each of those laptops at $525,000.

What’s on your employees’ laptops? Do the math and it’s clear why you need to control the valuable data spread across your mobile workforce.


Get started today!

When you register for this 30-day free trial, you will be able to back up as much as 25GB of data from one laptop to the EVault cloud. One free 30-day trial per registrant; unique email address is required. Complete and submit the registration form—and start your test flight today!

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With EVault Endpoint Protection:

  • Users get automated, continuous, worry-free backup, plus easy self-service restores and on-the-go access from any browser, including mobile.     
  • Your company can set policy over user, device and files and lock down valuable corporate data through encryption, port access control, device tracing, remote data deletion, and more.           
  • IT gets central, policy-based administration and compressed, globally deduplicated data transfer for more oversight with less overhead.

You get that control with EVault® Endpoint Protection, the integrated desktop/laptop backup, recovery, and data security solution expressly designed to meet the unique protection requirements of today’s mobile data.


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